Our Health Services

Family Support Program

The Retreat Treatment Centre recognizes that families of addicts are often traumatized by the alcohol and drug use… Read More

Art Feelings Workshops

Art Feelings Workshops offer clients another avenue for experiencing and expressing emotions. Art therapy can … Read More

Music Enrichment Programs

The Retreats Music Enrichment Program complements the core treatment program. Exposure to and involvement … Read More

Nutrition & Body Exercise

Those in need of Rehabilitation have spent the past months or years enveloped by their addiction. During this time…Read More

Family Therapy

Within the Retreat programs, family counseling is an integrated part of treatment. Substance use disorders not only the abuser… Read More

Spiritual Recovery

Although the program is not a religious-based one, the recovery process often spurs a spiritual awakening.The program… Read More


This program is aimed at educating the the client and their family members to accept the client’s diagnosis, psychoeducation also… Read More

Individual Therapy

The aim of the Counselors in their work with individual clients is to enable the clients to find ways of living that reflect… Read More

Group Counselling

This is a form of counseling in which a number of people come together under the guidance of our professionally trained… Read More

12 Steps

The client’s involvement in self-help groups is critical for long term recovery. During treatment, we expose client’s to… Read More


Once the client’s have completed the in-patient residential drug treatment program, they then move on to the Halfway … Read More

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a client centered activity concerned with promoting health through performing certain tasks… Read More