Family Support

Helping Families in Hard times

Family Support Program

The Retreat Treatment Centre recognizes that families of addicts are often traumatized by the alcohol and drug use of their loved ones and that they themselves are usually in need of emotional support and understanding. It is in this back ground that Retreat family support program (RFSP) has been introduced as a program of recovery for the families and friends of addicts whether or not the addict recognizes the existence of a drug use problem or seeks help.

The program seeks to help with emotional upsets, effective communication methods when dealing with loved ones, and more. The other purpose of the program is to empower family and friends in self-protection and non-confrontational skills to help their addicted loved one find and maintain recovery.

RFSP will be holding a monthly meeting every 3rd Saturday of the month where members share their own experience of living with Addiction. This is with the hope that members can give each other understanding, strength and hope