Our Admission Process

Understanding You is at Our Heart

Our Admission Process is simple and straight forward

Clients are either admitted directly from our offices or referred to us by schools, churches, doctors, corporations e.t.c. We advise clients and/or their guardians to bring personal effects that the client may need while under treatment.
  • Client is either picked up by our van or dropped of by the guardians from whichever point.
  • Once at The Retreat, the client is subjected to a search, this search is necessary for the clients well being and that of other residents.
  • Once the search is complete, the client fills any necessary forms (i.e. declaration of valuables, treatment agreement form, intake evaluation).
  • The Client is then issued with a file no and proceeds on to the designated room.
  • At this point the guardian sits with the Clinical Services Manager to get a brief on the programs to help them better understand the process.
After an admission is complete, the guardian(s) are requested (if possible) to allow for a period of two (2) weeks to pass before visiting the client as we take this time to orient and screen the clients in order to identify the appropriate treatment program for their treatment needs.

We do not discriminate based on a person’s referral source or prior treatment history.NHIF members, their spouses and/or children are covered to a maximum of Kshs.30,000 per year. Civil Servants are fully covered for the entire treatment program period.

For further information regarding payments, kindly contact our offices.