The Retreat Hub
House Rules

So that we can all get along, We
Follow this simple rules

House Rules


  • No drug, alcohol or related paraphernalia
  • No physical violence, threats of violence or intimidation of any person
  • No sexual acting out, including romantic or sexual physical contact
  • No concealing the cardinal or other violations


  • No stealing or other criminal activity
  • No destruction of property
  • No weapons
  • No gambling


  • Observe confidentiality
  • Acceptance of authority
  • Observe punctuality at all times
  • Maintain appropriate appearance
  • No use of demeaning language
  • No cliques
  • Observe proper manners
  • Sleeping time not beyond 10.30pm
  • Personal mobile phones not allowed in the house
  • Visitation is limited to allowed persons only
  • There is one set day for shopping
  • Saloon and Barber services are called for after special arrangements
  • A search is conducted after a residents outing from the Facility