The Retreat was established in February, 2010 as an in-patient hospitable medical rehabilitation centre for the treatment of substance addictions and co-occurring disorders.

Our treatment philosophy is based on the understanding of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse being a disease and a disorder of the whole person respectively.

Our approach is based on the Minnesota,Therapeutic Community (TC)  and Medical Models.

At the Retreat we cater for adults and young adults suffering from addiction and any other mental related conditions. Our programs are effective in treating substance addictions and require a strong after-care  lifestyle change and participation in activities that promote continued sobriety. Our treatment program runs for a minimum period of three months.

Our in house program begins with the admission process where we begin the intake with assessment and orientation. This is followed by further  interview of the patient and collateral intake from the  significant other (s).  We then engage the patient in one on one counseling, group therapy,  psycho education, occupational and community therapy.

Medical care is given to those patients who require it as part of the detox or as a conditional treatment. This is done by the referring psychiatrist as per need and designation to the patient. This treatment is monitored by our nurses on a daily basis