Our Vision:

Is to achieve and maintain the highest possible level of care and training in substance use disorders.

Our Mission:

Is to work together, provide care in substance use disorders that is evidence based, ethical and cost effective and to offer relevant training.

Core Values:

Gratitude, Humility, Honesty, Courage, Respect, service and Faith.

Quality Statement:

The Retreat uses an on-going quality review and improvement system which looks at all aspects of service delivery and administration. The Retreat continuously assesses the treatment effectiveness, its efficiency, and the clients satisfaction with the services we offer. It measures client progress in treatment on various aspects of recovery from substance abuse and related disorders. From their admission to treatment until 3 months after discharge, all clients are regularly requested to complete a confidential questionnaire and express their drug craving and use, addiction severity, vocational, educational, legal, medical, social and psychological status and related needs.