Jul 25

Attachment Styles

There are many (maaanyy) posts on attachment around the mental health sphere. This post is just a glimpse as well as a little myth buster. There are four primary attachment styles that we develop as infants based on the quality of interaction that we develop with our primary caregivers. For... read more →
Sep 13

Child ADHD

IS YOUR CHILD HEADED FOR ADDICTION? UNDERSTANDING ADHD Untreated ADHD has been known to be a major disruption to the normal development of children and has led to addiction issues later in life. The condition has largely gone unnoticed since most of the signs and symptoms can be termed or... read more →
Sep 13

Schizophrenia – Demystified

This is a story about a disease that almost robbed me my past and present. When I was a little girl, life was great, I was a normal child. I was a happy go lucky child, making jokes, always smiling, the most upbeat child you could find. I was always... read more →
Sep 13

Bipolar 101

There are two schools of thoughts regarding addiction treatment and the use of medication whilst in treatment. A large majority perceives medication as unnecessary during and after treatment and a slightly smaller majority understands the importance of treating co-occurring conditions (if any). My first two stints in rehab were purely... read more →
Sep 13

A Mothers Testimony

I am in a parents’ group which meets twice a term, and discusses the performance of the children from our church. One of the parents had heard of Chiromo Lane Medical Centre, and the other had a niece who had been treated at the Retreat. They both spoke highly of... read more →
Sep 13

My Struggle with ADHD

I also realized that it was very hard for me to sit down and stay still. I would always find an excuse to stand up in class, college etc. I also used to get very easily distracted e.g. if I was seated next to a window in class and someone... read more →
Sep 13

Denial – Note to Parents

Why do parents feel the need to cover-up for us? I started abusing prescription drugs when I was in high school and when my parents heard of the first incidence, they could not hear any of such accusations from the headmistress. Yes, I was simply experimenting like many other teens... read more →
Sep 13

Travor’s Struggle

My name is Travor and for the longest time I have struggled with my addiction. It all began with alcohol but later progressed into hard drugs and prescription medicine. I have hurt, disappointed and done despicable things to those who had nothing but love for me. I am grateful to... read more →